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ICTS Logistic s.r.o.
Company Name:
ICTS Logistic Ltd.

Grösslingova 2476/73,
811 01 Bratislava


Service Office:
Prístavná 10,
821 09 Bratislava

Industry - the core business:
Trading and Logistics

Antonio Mauri
Telephone number: +421915499076
E-mail: info@icts-eu.com,

  • biofuel
  • methane
  • GPL
  • technical salt
  • fertilizers
  • matel and steel products
  • fireproof materials


What can we offer? What makes us unique? What is our USP?

  • the ration price and quality (price for the raw material and logistics)
  • 360 ° service developed based on years of experience:
  1. our expertise where those commodities occur
  2. obtain and import of top quality raw materials and goods according to the clients needs
  3. attractive prices due to our own transportation and logistics.


Price - why can we offer you good prices?

  • we directly purchase from the manufacturer and we can import you exactly what you desire and need
  • we have own transportation and logistics, it means better prices for our customers, we deliver into your company