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ICTS Logistic s.r.o.
Company Name:
ICTS Logistic Ltd.

Grösslingova 2476/73,
811 01 Bratislava


Service Office:
Prístavná 10,
821 09 Bratislava

Industry - the core business:
Trading and Logistics

Antonio Mauri
Telephone number: +421915499076
E-mail: info@icts-eu.com,

Are you a producer? Are you a wholesale or retailer? Purchasing large quantities? Then we can provide you with the right solution.

Our motto is:

"We will provide you exactly what you want at a great price and a in a very short time."
Part of our core business is the sale of commodities. It means commodities such foods as cane sugar, flour, flavour, oil and sales of non-food commodities such as biofuels, methane.